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Erasmus Padel Association

The student padel association of Rotterdam

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National Student Championship

Dear Padel players, we are happy to announce that the first National Student Championship will be organised by us (EPA) in Rotterdam. Students from all the Dutch cities are welcome to sign up. You will at least play 2 matches against other students from a different city and enjoy an amazing day with other padel players. Not only is it nice to participate in this tournament but also will the winners of each level and double combination receive a price. Furthermore, you and your padel partner will fill in the same forms to register your team by tapping the ‘’sign-up’’ button. The both of you have to be students from the same city. It is possible that students from a specific city may not be able to register for a certain level if there are already many registrations from that city. Finally, your registration will be completed after signing up and paying the fee.


Date: Saturday the 4th of November

Location: Padelclub Feyenoord (Korte stadionweg 109) 

Fee to participate: 40 euros (including lunch and dinner) 

Levels: Intermediate and advanced 

Team combinations: men, women or mixed double


For any questions you can contact the following number:

+31 6 38270573

What we offer:

  • ​Option to buy a subscription that allows you to book a court for 1,5 hours each week at 4 different padel clubs in Rotterdam + 20% discount on every hour thereafter

  • Weekly club evenings on wednesday (playing padel + drinks)

  • Weekly club afternoons on tuesday or thursday (playing padel + drinks)

  • Padel events and tournaments

  • Social events

  • Discount on rackets and padel balls

  • Meet new people!

Book a court

As a member of the association, we offer 1,5 hours of court bookings for free every week in a great variety of padel clubs in Rotterdam.

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Upcoming Events

  • 04 nov 11:00 – 20:00
    Rotterdam, Korte Stadionweg 109, 3077 ME Rotterdam, Netherlands
    It is the first National Student Championship of padel
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About us

The association

The Erasmus Padel association has been founded in 2020. Padel fanatics, who were studying at Erasmus University, decided to set up an association for other padel fanatics to play matches against each other and to have a club evening every once in a while.

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Our association is based in the sparkling city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. A city in which you can find sports on every corner of the street. The association has been founded to cure the padel fever that has reached the beautiful city of Rotterdam.

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Meet the Board

Our board consists of four very enthusiastic and passionate students who are delighted to run our association. They are very driven to organize club evenings and to make everything run smoothly.


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Get in contact

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Thank you!

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