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Our committees

Afbeelding van WhatsApp op 2024-02-02 om
Afbeelding van WhatsApp op 2024-02-02 om
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Valencia committee
NSK committee
Social events commitee

Levi, Teun, Kenzie, Jakob, Xavier, Thomas and Emma will do everything they can in the Valencia committee to surpass the Valencia trip of 2023! A trip where sun, padel and sangría are central and lateral cannot be missed. The ancient motto is simple: “go as far as you can but don’t get lost in the small streets” AMUNT VALENCIA ¡Olé! 🇪🇸🔵🔴

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Content committee

Hey padel players, we are the NSK committee🤩. After we already have had our event, we will introduce ourselves. We are Timo Noort, Laetitia Bosveld, Teun van Veldhoven, Emma Caviët and Kenzie Tetenburg. The organization of NSK consists of a number of important elements. The players have to go on the field with a full stomach, so what better than good catering🥪. This committee does not let itself starve; besides the event they like to spoil themselves with drinks🥂 and wine tastings🍷. Arranging the competition schedules and communication with participants is just as important, because how else do you determine who the NSK champions🏅are. Finally, the committee is very fanatical about organizing events, but also visiting events; If it is not a TV show that is visited, it is a debate which opinions and political discussions are held🗣️.

But don’t worry😎, this committee doesn’t like to sit still and is working in the background to organize a new event. So take your shot🎾 and get yourself a dress or suit💃🏻🕺🏼. Stay informed about this committee via the socials, because we will return🌝

Fueling the Padel vibes with Social Committee magic! 🌟 Chantal, Rens, Miriam, Twan and Emma are all about creating moments that go beyond the court – from epic activities to unforgettable gatherings. We build connections, one event at a time. 🎉🤝

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Merchandise committee
Tournament committee

Meet the content committee, who will be covering all the fun stuff we do at EPA. Nobody’s safe, as they’re always sharp to catch the perfect photo! 📸

Manouk, Noah, Ian, Emma and Jip are a very diverse group: all of them are Dutch, but three of them have roots in Indonesia, one has French roots and one is from Limburg. They all love padel and love to capture that all on camera! ⚡️🎾

Clothes are nice, want to know what makes them even better? Add an EPA logo. Esra, Manouk, Julian, Harley and Emma are a group of dedicated souls, whose sole purpose is to create as much stuff as possible that no one knew they needed, but as soon as they see it they think, “Yes, this is absolutely essential in my life”

A blend of 2 women and 3 men utilizing all their creativity and energy to organize the most enjoyable tournaments for all EPA members. 🎾 Auke, Sophie, Julian, Timo and Emma are ready to make you sweat 🔥

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